Micro-Fiction Texts

Introducing the SF3/Spineless Wonders Microlit Film Award

Are you a short filmmaker on the lookout for great plot ideas for our SF3 Mini Category? You are in luck. Publisher, Spineless Wonders has curated a selection of microliterature for a brand new SF3 award. These half-page texts are written by contemporary Australian writers. These fully-rounded narratives are packed with interesting characters and themes. They are mini-stories just waiting for you to turn them into engaging mini-films.  

Each author has given permission for their work to be included in the SF3 awards. The film you create could be an adaptation which sticks closely to the original text or it could draw on aspects of the text as inspiration. The only requirement to use one of the texts is that you include the author and title of their piece in your film’s credits.  For instance, ‘Adapted from…’/ ‘Based on…’ / ‘Inspired by…’. 

If your film is judged best entry in this category, both you and the author will receive a prize generously donated by SF3’s sponsors and the Spineless Wonders Team.


  1. Pick a micro-fiction text from the list below.
  2. Adapt it into a screenplay for our Mini Category.
  3. Shoot your film. Remember all films for SF3 Mini must be 3 minutes or less. 
  4. Enter it into our SF3 Mini Category by midnight August 1st, 2022 and be in the running for amazing prizes including our brand new Micro-Fiction Awards. 

“He wakes to the foul, leathery smell of rotten boots. As he raises his head from his paws and sniffs, wind brushes through his fur and rustles the dried flora surrounding his dilapidated house.”

A Distant World_Rachael Vella SF3

“I’m overdressed in Melbourne black among a suntanned crowd of flirty dresses and short shorts. ‘Spread a little love,’ says the MC. ‘Give the person next to you a hug.”

A Wake-Angela Smith SF3

“She rose before morning, dressed in low lamplight, and stuffed the duffle bag full. She unbolted the back door and pulled on her boots, still caked with mud from yesterday’s reconnaissance. The orange glow of her cigarette intensified with each drag.”

Black Ice_Tess Pearson SF3

“It started with a postcard, forty-two years ago, of the most exotic beach Gertrude Jones had ever seen, with jet black sand and a teal sea. Since then, every afternoon, Gert stood at her kitchen sink, looked out the window and dreamt of this moment, here and now, sitting on this beach in Santorini.”

Gert By Sea_Lisa Smithies SF3

“In the caravan’s annex, he tapped the keys of his age-old laptop: strumming out thoughts from the year. They played fast, like slot cars, whizzing. The corners of his affections curled.”

Given_Joshua Maule SF3

“I can’t delete his number. I stare at my phone. Ten sans-serif numbers above his name. The green circle with the phone handle below it. No one’s phone looks like that anymore. They should use something different.”

I Can’t Delete His Number_Kel White SF3

“Maddi adds a shot of espresso to the mug, froths milk and pours it, effortlessly adding the decorative leaf to the top. Another cappuccino. It could be a flat white, a latte, a macchiato, but it was all coffee.”

More Than Coffee_Vickie Walker SF3

“Vanilla sandstone stolen from a local park. A fake nail, snapped in the heist, is shaken from my mother’s gardening glove onto our thick, green lawn. And a miniature Stonehenge takes shape around our new above-ground pool.”

Mum_s Garden_ Lisa Reily SF3

“Do I have to?” I said. “One day you’ll be sorry you didn’t appreciate him while he was here,” said Mum. “I hate going there. He argues with everyone!” I said. “It’s embarrassing.”

Nonno_Gayelene Carbis SF3

“he told his dad he was taking sally for a walk, it’s a bit late isn’t it? mumbled his dad, but he said nah, not really the streetlights are on anyway and his dad grunted into his beer and flicked the remote,”

Outlet_Susan McCreery SF3

“Suffused in a clinical blue, a single white tennis shoe lies on its side misplaced on the laminate floor. The apartment reeks of bleach, the bottle proudly claiming “all-purpose”. ‘Hide the phone,’ he orders from across the apartment.”

Pink Elephant_Monique La Terra SF3

“The headlights cut two shining tunnels through the torrential rain. Outside, it was cold, just above freezing. Inside the car, Priscilla, refusing to relinquish the last vestiges of her holiday, had the heat cranked up high and her jacket strewn across her suitcase in the back seat, leaving her in a light cotton floral sundress, still with a frangipani in her hair.”

Priscilla_Sarah Johnstone SF3

“Okay,” he says, knocking a sand-covered knee against hers. “You have to tell me why.” And she gives him that look. The one that’ll sleep in the folds of his nail beds for days. “I don’t have to tell you anything.”

Sea Legs_Sophie Overett SF3

“Hello, my smile says, are you looking for me? You hesitate, your thumb hovers above a one-dimensional girl whose face is no larger than your cuticle, a flatscreen Thumbelina begging for one moment of consideration.”

Seen_Emily Ralph SF3

“I watch from the window. The zombies are drilling and hammering. It looks like a ramp. Maybe a skate park. Yes, they’ve built a skate park in the driveway next door. Scooters, boards – there must be eight, nine, ten zombies slicing along the concrete.”

Self-restraint_Shady Cosgrove SF3

“The busted door was something he could do without. Gary opened the ute’s passenger door and slid across the seat. He didn’t give it a second thought. His mind was drowning in figures. How many days until his dam was empty? How long ’til the overdraft ran out?”

Southern Oscillation-_Brenda Proudfoot SF3

“Fast food fumes fill the car. Grease seeps through a porous paper bag and dampens the fabric on the back seat, already torn from the previous owner, a Gumtree user named Mark. I stop by the side of the road without fully registering why—”

Technicolor_Indigo Bailey SF3

“‘One word can change a truth into a lie.’ With some help, she was able to turn her story into an affidavit. However, the story is fighting to escape the format of the form. The sequencing of events needs to focus on dates and times.”

The Heart of the Advocate_Angela Costi SF3

“Today’s first box delivered to the reading room. Inside, a slip of blue paper. Standard issue, Melbourne Gaol. The believer to the murderess: Salvation will smile upon your face.”
The Historic Present_Emma Ashmere SF3

“The squiggly line in my eye is called a floater. The optometrist says that this condition is common in people over forty, there’s no treatment, and I shouldn’t be concerned about a black thing that partially obscures my vision.”

The Insider_Jude Bridge SF3

“The living room flashed like a summer thunderstorm. Cherie selected a song from the list in her phone. Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’ blasted out. Heaving, dancing bodies pressed in tight as laughter swirled above her head. ‘There you are!’”

The Missing Button_Joanna Beresford SF3

“There was never a season for roadkill. Roadkill was roadkill for all seasons. Warning road signs pictured drawings of koalas and kangaroos or wallabies, outlined in black.”
Roadkill_Moya Costello SF3

“It’s the type of place where they scrape the contaminated bits of rice off the top and refill the rice bucket for the next patrons. She almost admires the frugality of it, the refusal to waste food when so many go hungry.”

The Type_Jane Downing SF3

“There is a clock ticking beside you. It is an old clock, passed down through your family, solid and wooden and full of history. It could be a metaphor, depending on how pretentious you’re feeling, or maybe it’s just a clock. You are overthinking this.”

Tick_Samuel Pringle SF3

“The vociferously vegan Christie is forced to overhaul her life after a tick bite results in a rare disease that makes her deathly allergic to fruits and vegetables. Now living on an all- meat and supplements diet, Christie attempts to hide her condition from her all-vegan friends and family while coming to terms with her new lifestyle.”

Ticked Off_Marcus Rockstrom SF3

“He’s always there. Perhaps I’m being paranoid. There’s no menace and we like similar music. We eke out the work hours in banter. He starts to loiter around Emergency, though rostered to the wards. Doesn’t approach me, but looms present without any tasks. It seems unusual, but orderlies can work hospital-wide.”

Time To Leave_Venita Munir SF3

“There are a group of women in your town, your city. It’s not a large group. Sometimes it’s a very small group. But it’s a group all the same. Everyone, including you, knows of this group but no-one knows them.”

Timeless Crones_Elizabeth Hodgson SF3

“Today I picked an orange from my backyard tree. The orange was sour. Picked too soon I suppose. Last time you were here the oranges were little green balls like those that hang on Christmas Trees or from the ears of your friend who wore that black dinner dress.”

Valencia-Banjo Weatherald SF3

“We’ll Run…!”

“But…. I…. have to go…with them…” “I have to.” In its palm a small orb pulsates.

“Please,” she begs. “I wish you’d stay …. with me….” Leaning in she closes its palm. “If you go with them,” she said, “I won’t ever see you again.”

Vignette_Rebekah Ward SF3

“Jim pondered the question: Who am I? Who is Jim? He stroked his wiry, ginger beard and ran his hand over the stubble on his shaved head. His tattoos were part of him now, he’d forget about them until he sometimes caught others staring intensely at his head.”

Who Is Jim_Yvette Ladzinski SF3

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