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To enter SF3, fill out the form below and then you will be directed to our payment page. Once your payment is received then your film is automatically entered into SF3. Entry fees are $20 standard or $15 student for the Gala Awards, SF3 Kids & AI Categories, $10 for the SF3 Mini & Social Vid Categories and $40 for the SF3 Feature Film Category. Prices are in Australian dollars and are processed securely via Credit Card.

  • Include international dialling code
    The 6 categories for entry are: Standard ($20) - this is for films being entered into the Gala Awards (shorts up to 20 mins), and covers all prizes within this category including the SF3 First Nations Award, the SF3 Luma Touch Finished on Mobile Award etc. You will be asked questions about specific award eligibilities later in this form. Student ($15) - this entry fee is for all student and concession entries, either for the SF3 Gala Awards or the SF3 Kids. You will be asked to specify the category later in this form. Feature Films ($40) - For all feature films 30 mins or more. SF3 Mini ($10) - this is the entry fee for all films entered in to the SF3 Mini Award which are 3 mins or less. SF3 Best AI film entry is for a film written by a writer but made using AI up to 20 mins. SF3 Best Social Media video is for a video created solely for social media on a smartphone or tablet.
  • A brief outline of your film.
  • The make and model of the phone or tablet your film was shot on
  • (To be eligible for the Black Magic Camera Award. There are three prizes for this award: one for our Gala Finals and two for our SF3 Kids {Primary and High School})
  • (To be eligible for the LumaTouch "Finished on Mobile" award)
  • (This is a score/music that was composed especially for this film by a composer, musician or filmmaker. If yes, then you will be eligible for our SF3 & AGSC Best Original Score Award as well as all other awards in your category).
    To be eligible for SF3 Kids you must be 18 or under at the time of filming and your film must have been predominantly made by a filmmaker/s who was 18 and under.
    To be eligible for the #FILMBREAKER Award this must be your very first film OR it must be your first film that has been shared with the public.
    The SF3 First Nations Award is open to all filmmakers who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander or Indigenous from around the world.
    The SF3 Mini Award accepts both original films and films adapted from our Micro-Fictions provided by Spineless Wonders.
  • YouTube or Vimeo links only
  • Only if private
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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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