Holly Lyons is today’s Judge we want you to say hello to. One of Australia’s most successful screenwriters, she is currently writing for Home & Away, the iconic Aussie soap. She created Rocky & Me for ABCMe last year, which also starred SF3 Award Winning Filmmaker, Emily Prior. She is also a member of our sponsors, the Australian Writers’ Guild.
1. First gig I ever had was as a Script Coordinator on the police drama, WATER RATS – filmed on Goat Island in Sydney harbour. It was my first job out of uni and I loved taking the water taxi to work.

2. At the moment I am full time in the Script department of

Home and Away. I love the pace of the show – we write it, they shoot it, and then you see your words on the screen in a matter of weeks. I also run a script assessment service, https://screenwritingscriptease.com/
3. Most of my inspiration comes from bizarre stories in the news. I love character driven stories too so it helps if my protagonist has a really clearly defined flaw – it’s the best way to generate ideas.
4. When I am not working I teach – I love meeting emerging writers and lecturing is a great way to do that. I also love kick boxing!
5. A memorable moment that springs to mind is last year when my co-collaborator and I created “ROCKY & ME” for ABCMe, a story about a girl with cerebral palsy who gets her first wheel chair, and with it, her independence. Our story was all about freedom and finding your confidence. In total we had 7 people with a disability working on the film as cast and crew. I am still very proud of that project.

6. I don’t really have a favourite movie, I adore television! Recently I loved DAYBREAK on

Netflix – it’s about a misfit in a dystopian world – I like the disconnect between wanting to fit in when the world’s gone mad.

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