We are super proud to announce our SF3 Iso Official Selection. We were inundated with amazing, poignant, hilarious and sentimental entries from all across the world. Our panel had the most difficult time narrowing it down. All 44 finalist films will be screened online in our SF3 Iso Screening, tickets on sale soon on this site. And our 12 Sydney finalists will also screen live in our SF3 Iso & Feature Film Screening on Saturday October 10th at 2pm at

And the SF3 Iso Official Selection is:
1. Love in the Time Of Covid by Chanika Desilva
2. Garden Lover’s Club by Brienna Collins
3. And So It Went by Michèle Jedlicka
4. Seance by Tel Benjamin , Michael Wood & David Burrowes
5. Touch Screen by  Talin Agon
6. Distant Friends by Jill Kingston
7. Dawn Heist by Neil Walshe
8. Not There by Natalia Ladyko, Clare Delaney & Stef Smith
9. P R O J E C T I O N by Olivia Duncan and Aleks Mikic
10. Working From Home by Brenden Lovett
11. Spalding by Brooke Ryan
12. The Beautiful Picture by Anne Taylor
13. A Crippled Extrovert by Nicole Gulasekharam
14. Disconnected by Heidy Villafane
15. COVID CABIN FEVER: Working From Home with Mum by Susie Sparkes and Amy Sparkes
16. The Garden by Lauren Hester
17. Down Under by Rosaleen Cox
18. ahy-suh-ley-shuh n by Jason Hargreaves ACS Cinematographer
19. Lament by Kimberley Wells
20. The Invisible Monster by Go Film, Cassius Rayner
21. Reprise by Özümcan Akın
22. Shadows On The Wall by Svetlana Cvetkova
23. Cops and Robbers by Olivier Grancher
24. Timing by Roger Rojas
25. Broken Zen by Rob Leach
26. How To – Chapter V by Francesco Di Giorgio and Valentina Ghetti
27. Pretty by Marisa Riley
28. Corona Man NY by Tal S. Shamir
29. When We Meet Again by Anthony Giordano & Robert Giordano
30. Quarantine Now by Jackie Mah
31. Closed Doors by Adamss McGarcia
32. The French Job by Felipe Santos
33. Where We Are by Alexander Campbell
34. An Event by David Doyle
35. Rat by Luke Bather
36. Carmen at the Parlor Opera House by Charles Jaeger & Gérome Barry
37. Expedition Under My Bed by Gérome Barry and Charles Jaeger
38. Staircase Polka by Holly Stone
39. Momentos by Pedro Oberto
40. Out of Our Windows by Prakash Gandhi Natarajan
41. Gold Coast Pandemic by Rob Layton
42. Origami by Cecilia C
43. Law for the Lay by Clara Eve
44. Virtuous Circle by Silvia Sandra Martini

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