We are thrilled to announce the Finalists in our SF3 Mini Award. A huge congratulations to:
Anasazi by Jad Andari
Need A Lift by Max Simonson
Comeback-21 by David Camero
The Hand of God by Xeno Nemos
Light & Shadow by SJ Van Breda
Bunby by Michelle Ny
Find You by Drex Lee
Assimilate by Brionne Olsen
We Brielong Together by Joshua Belinfante
On the Rise by Courtney Coker
The Night Shift by Sally-Ann Dunn & Bartosz Wozniak of
Day 62 by Steve McGrath
My Wonderful Day at the Beach by Thomas Midena
58 Seconds: Soar by JJ Erenberg
Song and Dance Man by Blake Douglas
Earth by Max Schleser
Fanny by Reid McGowan
Tessa Time by Narelle Nash
The Delivery by Namroc Doan
Packet Mix by Taylor Buoro
FLY by Jared Walker
Brave New World by Anton Califano
Escape from Lockdown by Brienna Collins
These films will be playing in two sessions on Sunday 27th February, 2022, 11 of the finalists in each screening alongside our two local feature film finalists. Get your tickets now or catch them at SF3 Online from 27th Feb-13th March.
Photo credit – 58 Second: Soar Cast and Crew

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