These filmmakers right here are the future of filmmaking and from hundreds of entries these are the best of the best. These are our next Oscar winners, story-tellers and creative geniuses – these are our SF3 Kids 2022 Finalists! You can see their films on Sunday 6th November at the Actors Centre Australia at 11am at our red-carpet screening. Get your tickets now at
And our SF3 Kids Finalists are:
1. Secluded by Amin Yekta
2. The Call by Indianna Thompson
3. Hoods Off by the Barrowland Ballet
4. 2 Sisters One World by Aneira Rowland
5. Courthouse Chaos by Cash Daley
6. Victim Impact by Aurora Iler
7. The Heist and the Plan by Jackson Iler
8. The Rose Scam by Sophia Budd
9. The Tale of the Fortune Teller by Gwen Johnson
10. Could I? by Brielle Peters
11. Birthday Fail by Noah Kennedy
12. The Special Guest by Scarlett Fisher
13. The 5 Stages of Grief by Amelie Correa
14. Hide and Seek by Dylan Burgess
15. Masters in Persuasion by Mila Kazantzidis
16. The Magic in Liberia by Oliver and Lucas Hamm Oliver and Lucas – Educational Videos for Kids
17. Social Night Fright Night by Sonya Clarke
18. SMITE the Movie by Lachlan Familton
19. Ghost School by Class 4Z Cabramatta Public School
20. Three Wishes by Class 5-6B Cabramatta Public School
21. All the Time in the World by Farrah from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts
22. Deadly Dining by Asia from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
23. Thief vs Thief by Elodie from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
24. The Feeling by Quinn from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
25. Misdelivered by Alyssa from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
26. Shady Shades by Marianna from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
27. Secrets by Ajila Miller-Gersbach
CONGRATS everyone and can’t wait to share your films with the world!

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