Drum roll for the biggest announcement of our season, as we start telling you who is screening in SF3 2021. Starting with our Official Selection Films which will screen at our 7th Annual SF3 Gala Awards Presented by the Australian Film Television and Radio School on Saturday 26th February, 2022 at the Palace Chauvel Cinema in Sydney. A huge congrats to our incredible filmmakers below, all who are the cream of the smartphone filmmaking world and who will compete for over $50,000 worth of prizes from our amazing sponsors.
Here they are and we can’t wait to see their films on the big screen here in Sydney and online in our Virtual Fest:
1. The Schwarzschild Radius by Pete Majarich
2. Earth1 and Hoostin by Joel Phillips
3. Leader by Chris Overton
4. Year of May by Kyle Nozza from
5. eight minutes forty six seconds by Kara Rose
6. Today I Will Live by Nico Piro
7. Negatives by Jimmy Gannon
8. Dead Eye by Cassius Rayner from Go Film
9. The Secret Life of Bees by Mirabai Nicholson-Mckellar
10. Beta Days by Dan Walls from Whatever Will Be FIlms
11. Odd One Out by Andrew Robb from Andrew Robb Films
12. Cold Water Therapy by Remy Brand
13. Working From Home by Jon Gill
14. 9h17 by Benjamin Lapierre from Little Walk Of Fame
15. Dance Bots by Damien Warren-Smith from Damien Creative

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