We are soooooo excited to tell you about our brand new partnership and SF3 Award – The SF3 & Spineless Wonders Microlit Film Award.
Are you a short filmmaker on the lookout for great plot ideas? You are in luck. Publisher, Spineless Wonders Short Australian Stories has curated a selection of microliterature for a brand new SF3 award. These half-page texts are written by contemporary Australian writers. These fully-rounded narratives are packed with interesting characters and themes. They are mini-stories just waiting for you to turn them into engaging mini-films.
Each author has given permission for their work to be included in the SF3 awards. The film you create could be an adaptation which sticks closely to the original text or it could draw on aspects of the text as inspiration. The only requirement to use one of the texts is that you include the author and title of their piece in your film’s credits. For instance, ‘Adapted from…’/ ‘Based on…’ / ‘Inspired by…’.
If your film is judged best entry in this category, both you and the author will receive prize bags.
Check out the texts here and get adapting – https://sf3.com.au/submit/micro-fictions/

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