What we all want to know is, who took home the big awards! We are so proud to announce our winners from our 2023 Gala Finals:
SF3 Best Film Award – Lodi by Courtney Coker
SF3 Best Director Award – Lodi by Courtney Coker
SF3 & ACS Best Cinematography Award – SJ van Breda for Freeflow
SF3 & ACS Best Cinematography Runner-Up Award – Bartosz Wozniak, Kacper Wozniak & Sally-Ann Dunn for Misaligned from TRIO Stories
SF3 Best Screenplay Award – Lodi by Courtney Coker
SF3 Best Screenplay Award – Idiot Proof by Jonathan Lagudi and Bailey Spalding
SF3 Best Documentary Award – Bevan by Bevan Garozzo & Arinta Hardjowijono
SF3 Best Editing Award – Freeflow edited by SJ van Breda
SF3 Best Original Score Award – ARLO AND THE SEA by Michael Drew
SF3 Best Actress Award – Courtney Coker for Lodi
SF3 Best Actor Award – Jonathan Lagudi for Idiot Proof
SF3 & Luma Touch Finished on Mobile Award – The Art of Living (with a Mechanical Keyboard) by Ronald James Baculo
SF3 & WIFT NSW Best Female Creative Award – Michèle Jedlicka for That thing we all share
SF3 First Nations Award supported by Dolby – Charli Fletcher for The Locket
SF3 Community & Diversity Award – Nganakaapu by Harlisha Newie-Joe
SF3 Founders’ Flick Pick – ARLO & THE SEA by Damian Overton & Ruben Russo and FOFO MEANS FATHER by Denzel S. Owoo
SF3 #FILMBREAKER Award – Idiot Proof by Jonathan Lagudi & Laura Brogan-Browne
SF3 & Chicken & Chips Best Pitch Award – Reid McGowan for THE BEST
SF360 Best Film Winners – Christopher Young for The Careful Project – Kiera Jas – Thoughts and Davide Rapp for Kursaal
Congrats to all of our SF3 Kids filmmakers, their families who support them, their friends and teachers. Making a film is a team effort. BUT, who are our winners you ask? Here they are:
SF3 Kids Best Film Award High School – At Your Service by Max Shao & Charlie Bradford
SF3 Kids Best Film Award Primary School – My Cookie by Becky Hampson& Sofiah Wiseman
SF3 Kids Best Director Award – Watching by Indianna Thompson
SF3 Kids Best Cinematography Award – Bullet Proof Kids by Tom Morfitt-White & Charlie Wason
SF3 Kids Best Screenplay Award – At Your Service by Max Shao & Charlie Bradford and He She They by Lucia Lobesy
SF3 Kids Best Documentary Award – Me. My eleven years. War by Marusya Shuvalova and A Child’s Guide to Swearing: A Short Documentary by Miles Fisher
SF3 Kids Best Editing Award – At Your Service by Max Shao & Charlie Bradford and Alone by Connor Tattersall
SF3 Kids Best Actor Award – Tom Morfitt-White for Bullet Proof Kids and Ralph for Let Him Out
SF3 Kids Best Actress Award – Ajila Miller-Gersbach for A Day in the Life of an F-Boy
And it is my pleasure to announce our 2023 Mini Award Winners:
SF3 Mini Best International Film – Human Migrant by Kamal Mimoune TAHTAH
SF3 Mini Best Australian Film – Mocha Madness by Greta O’Donoghue & Fran Nagle
SF3 Mini Runner-Up Award – Clock Off by Martin Reyes
SF3 Mini Runner-Up Award – If Nature Could Talk by Billie Dean
SF3 Mini Runner-Up Award – The Elements of Movement by Brionne Samuel Olsen
SF3 & Spineless Wonders Best Adaptation Award – The Beginning of the End by Tirel Weerasingha
SF3 & Spineless Wonders Best Adaptation Award – COVID Travel by Shady Cosgrove

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