SF3 2020 Official Selection #4 is Hen’s Night by Chloe Brisk & Annabel Hart, both currently living together in Sydney, Australia. You can see this hilarious and fun road-trip film on the big screen at our Gala on Saturday 10th October at 5pm at Event Cinemas here in Sydney or online in our virtual festival. Get your tix to our live festival here: https://magenta-cricket-466.eventbritestudio.com
“A bride-to-be and her maid-of-honour run away from the hens night to pursue something far more important.”
Here’s the Directors’ Fun Set Story –
We had the most crazy (fun) experience getting our little short off the ground. We accidentally gave ourselves the extra challenge of starting our project 3 weeks before the due date. This gave us 1 week to write, 1 week to shoot and 1 week to edit. We conveniently chose a location which was an hour and a half away and decided to shoot at dawn. Luckily this car ride gave us time to research how on earth lapel microphones work and what exactly the 180 degree film rule is. We then found ourselves on the first day of set without an ending to our story. However, after many late nights and with the help from our two very patient mates (who were paid in chicken sangas), our first film came together 10 minutes before the deadline. Whether it was ambition or sheer naivety we’ve come away with an enormous appreciation for how much blood, sweat and tears goes into a 10 minute film!

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