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Rules of SF3

The rules are simple:


 1.  The film must be shot entirely on a smartphone or tablet.

 2.  Films must be no longer than 6 minutes plus 30 seconds of credits.

 3.  All scripts and ideas must be original.

 4.  Copyright material can only be used if you have written permission to do so.

 5.  You can use any software to edit your video and audio.

 6.  You can use any software for colour correction or special effects.

 7.  You can use external microphones, wide-angle lenses, lighting, tripods, etc.

 8.  Submission is free! But your film will need to meet all the terms and conditions of the festival to be eligible.


The submission deadline for the SmartFone Flick Fest is coming soon.



Prizes for SF3 2015

      There are some exciting prizes and awards in the works, so stay tuned for a full list to be announced soon.


Terms and Conditions of SF3

  1.  The entire film must be shot with a smartphone or tablet and be submitted as a 16:9 ratio PAL format

  2.  Films must be no longer than 6 minutes plus a maximum 30 seconds for titles and credits.

  3.  You can use any software to edit video and audio.

  4.  You can use any software for colour correction or special effects

  5.  The only other filming equipment allowed to be used during the shoot is external sound equipment, microphones, lighting equipment, tripods and other devices to hold the phone and/or tablet.

  6.  You cannot use copyright material unless you have documentation to prove you have legal authorisation from the musician, artist, writer or record label.

  7.  You may also be required to provide Actor Release Forms to be signed by the people appearing in your film. [please note the Actor release form will be a link to the actual form]

  8.  Foreign films are welcome in any language, but you are required to add the subtitles in English.

  9.  The minimum age of entrant must be 16 years old with adult permission.

 10.  Submission deadline is midnight date TBA.

 11.  Contestants must agree to their film being uploaded to the SF3 website and shown online and on the SF3 Youtube channel at the festival organiser’s discretion.

 12.  All content submitted must be in accordance with the law and any perceived illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities. (Keep the content legal guys, we don’t want to have to report you to the police.)

 13.  The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


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