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Rules and Prizes of SF3

The rules are simple:

    1.   The film must be shot entirely on a smartphone or tablet.
    2.   Films must be no longer than 6 minutes and 30 seconds including titles and credits.
    3.   All scripts and ideas must be your original material.
    4.   Copyright material can only be used if you have written permission to do so.
    5.   You can use any software to edit your video and audio.
    6    You can use any software for colour correction or special effects.
    7.   You can use external microphones, wide-angle lenses, lighting, tripods, etc.
    8.   Your film must meet all the terms and conditions of the festival to be eligible.

The submission deadline for the SmartFone Flick Fest is 11:49PM AEST, August 1, 2017.


How to Enter SF3

Entry is via our site and online submission form at


Or if you prefer to pay in US dollars then submit via Film Freeway or Film Festival Life by clicking on the buttons below:



Prizes for SF3 2017

Prizes will be announced soon but will include prize packs from our amazing sponsors and partners. 


Prize categories for SF3 are:

Best Film

People's Choice Film

Best Director

Best Kids Flick

Best Screenplay

Best Cinematography

Best Actress

Best Actor


Founders' Flick Pick

Best 360/VR Film


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