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Gala Finals and Awards Night
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SF3 Entries Close: 1/08/16
SF3 Gala Screening: 26/08/16
6.30pm VIP Party, 7.30pm Screening Chauvel Cinema, Sydney
SF3 Entries Close
    SF3 Entries Have Closed for 2016
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  • SF3 founding member of brand new Global Mobile Film Awards
    • BY : Ang   |   Views : 102
    Smartphone Movies: A Global Rising in Filmmaking It’s the biggest award in the world for movies shot with the world's smallest and most innovative movie cameras…smartphones and SF3 is a founding member! S. Botello Productions™ has created a new platform for mobile filmmakers around the world. The founder
  • SF3 2017 & Exciting Announcements
    • BY : Ang   |   Views : 385
    Some of you have been asking, and we LOVE that you are, what our dates are for SF3 2017. Well, they are not locked in just yet but we will be keeping a very similar time frame to our past two festivals;  May 1st 2017 - Open for Entries August 1st 2017 - Entries Close August 25th 2017 - SF3 2017 Gala Finals These ar
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